Mason's First Christmas

Mason's first Christmas went well! We got up and hung around the house Christmas morning. We went to Aunt Jennifer's (Andy's sister) for lunch and presents about 12pm. He slept most of the time we were there. We ate some yummy food and got some great presents! He woke up to eat, but went right back to sleep.
We left there and went to Grandma and Poppa's (my parents) for dinner and presents. Uncle Buddy and Aunt Debbie had just flown in so they got to meet Mason for the first time. Again, he slept most of the time while we ate yummy food and got great presents. He woke up to eat, then stayed awake for awhile before we left. Unfortunately I think b/c he slept the whole day and was passed around from person to person all day he got a little over stimulated. He stayed awake crying, gassy and hungry from 9pm to about 2pm. It was rough.
Andy "flipped" Mason before we left my parents. Old wives
tale says if you flip a baby (literally) it will set their clock so
they will wake during the day and sleep at night.HAHA! We'll see if it works!

Christmas Eve Bath (First "big boy" bath)

Yo! Merry Ho Ho!

The Boys

Uncle Brian gave me a Glowie! :)

First Family Christmas

2 week check up

Lots is happening in the world of Mason. We went Tuesday for our 2 week check-up. He's perfect! His jaundice is gone, he's gaining weight like a champ (little oinker), and he growing a little. He is now 7lb 5oz and 20 3/4 in long.

Feeding is going MUCH better. Im still lacking in supply on my left, but my right is good. He's able to latch and feed off that side each time and Im able to pump a little to freeze. Still working on the left supply. Think milk thoughts for me! He's doing better sucking to. I think he just had to get the hang of it. He's even using a pacifer at times.

Sleeping is still an issue. Apparently I have a stomach baby. This is bad b/c of the risk of SIDS. I talked to the doctor about maybe putting a breathing monitor under him while he sleeps. He said "back is may just need to let him cry it out". UM NO!!!!! Im not letting my 14 day old baby scream in a crib for mintues/hours. Negative ghostrider! So he slept on my chest in the recliner again last night. About 5:30am I decided to try him in his car seat. "HEY MIKEY HE LIKES IT!" He slept for 3 hrs. Im sure it's not the most comfortable for him, but hey, I got to lay flat on the couch and sleep! This morning he slept in his swing for a few hours. We'll keep trying different things 'til we back it back to the bedroom :)

Mom and I created a Christmas photo shoot with Mason in his Christmas outfit Monday. Out of like 50 pictures we got 3-4 that were pretty good. LOL. Yesterday we stood in line at the mall (like retards....who takes a 13 day old baby to the mall!!!) to get his picture made with Santa. He slept straight through :)

Mommy and Mason

What are you doing to me?!

Merry Christmas everyone!

What's up bear?

Mason is 1 week old!

Well I can't believe he's already a week old! HOLY COW! We have been doing ok, but have had a few issues with sleeping and feeding.

Feeding issues: My milk supply on one side is lacking...almost going away. The doctor gave me something to try to increase it, hopefully it will work. In the mean time we are nursing only on one side...this is getting painful. On top of that, he is having a hard time latching on. We have gone to a lactation consultant twice to try and help resolve. She suggested offering him a bottle AFTER I've breastfed just to make sure he's getting enough. Well, I thought we had it down, but today he wouldn't latch again. I'm hoping he doesn't have nipple confusing from the bottle.

Sleeping issues: Well besides waking up every 1.5hrs to nurse, he doesn't like sleeping on his back. Matter of fact he doesnt like to be on his back period. He screams when we change his diaper. When we put him down in the crib (pack n play) he will stay for 5-15 min then start screaming. Pick him up and he's fine. SOOO I have been sleeping in the recliner with him on my chest. I don't mind too much right now...but hopefully he'll learn to lay down so I can sleep in my own bed!!

Mason's first doctor's check-up went great! He was discharged Friday weighing 6lb 10oz and was already up to 6lb 12oz on Monday. We go back on Tuesday for his 2 week appointment. If all goes well, we don't go back until 2 months! His pediatrician is AWESOME! I love the practice. I was worried b/c I hadn't had a chance to check them out (I had an appointment on the day after he was born). He screamed the whole time, but partly because he was a little hungry.

Sleeping Angel

Exhausted for the Doctor

He's Here!!

Mason has arrived!! He was born Wednesday, December 10th at 10:26pm. He was 6lb 15oz and 20 inches long. Here is the story:

Tuesday I was having really bad back pain. I called the doctor and the nurse said it was probably him just laying on a nerve and they would check my at my normal appointment (which was Wednesday). Went to the doctor on Wednesday about 3pm. I was 5cm. So she hooked me up to the monitor and I was having contractions (although I wasn't feeling them). She sent me to the hospital. I drove myself, checked myself in and was in the labor room by 4pm. Starting to feel contractions now!! At 6:30pm they gave me the epidural (I was about 7cm). She broke my water about 6:50pm. I started pushing at 9:20pm and at 10:26pm Mason was born! He recieved a 10 out of 10 on the Apgar scale (perfectly healthy!). This morning he was checked by the on call ped. and she said he was perfect. She also circumcised him. Both Mason and I are doing very well. We are expected to be released tomorrow morning sometime.

Baby Mason

Mom and Mason

Dad and Mason

38 weeks

So last Tuesday I went to the doctor and was told I was 3-4 cm dilated. She told me basically I was a walking time bomb...I could go into labor at any time. Since I wasn't having any contractions, I just stuck an extra pair of pants in my car (great thought Ms. Revord) and kept on with my daily life. Thank goodness I did!! It's now Sunday and still no Mason. Mom and I walked around the market and drove down Chalmers Street (the cobblestone road) yesterday in hopes that might help.....still no Mason. I have had contractions, but not 5 minutes apart, 1 minute long for 1 hour. That is when I go to the hospital (or when my water breaks). So alas we are still waiting. I put up some Christmas decorations this morning and I'm going to head to Walmart in a little bit (Walmart on a Sunday should do the trick)! Plus I'm thinking about trying some spicy food tonight :) We'll see!

School Shower/Latest Doctor's Appt.

Last Monday was my shower at school. I love those people! They threw a great shower and I got lots of awesome things. Im pretty much set. We are getting the pack-n-play at the end of the month (waiting on a coupon) and we'll be ready. The little man is full-term Saturday!

I went to the doctor yesterday (Wednesday). Everything is great! He has dropped, he is head down and I am 1-2cm dilated!!! This means nothing really. It means Im going to have a baby sometime before the end of the year HAHA, but things are starting to happen :) She did another ultrasound just to check his size and my amniotic fluid level. Both are great. He is measuring 6lb 10oz!!! I dunno if he can get much bigger in my little belly! Keep your cell phones handy ;)

I love me some cake!

36wks 4days

Shower #2

Sunday was my shower given by Julie and Angela. This was a shower for my friends. It was a great shower and I got lots of great things. We even got to try some baby food...hehehe. I have the best friends! Little Mason is going to be so spoiled :)

The shower hosts, Julie and Angela

The food...YUM!

How big is my belly?

YAY for fire dogs and trucks :)

My favorite as a baby

Cute favors!

Check-up and First Shower

I went for my latest check up last Wednesday (32wk 4d). I'm right on track with my weight....gaining 1lb. per week. His heart rate is good, his size is good. Everything is great! Im having no problems either. He's considered full-term at 37 weeks (the Saturday after Thanksgiving). HOLY COW!!!

Sunday was the first of my showers...WOO HOO! It was given by Aunt Peggy and Mom. This shower was for mostly family and family friends. It was a lot of fun and I got lots of great things!

33 weeks

Nana's Diaper Cake

Yummy Cake!


Food :)

Bib game

Robyn's Wedding Weekend

This weekend was my last traveling trip 'til the little man is born. We went to Greenville for my cousin Robyn's wedding. We had a great time! It was a long weekend, but fun. Sunday afternoon we drove up to Flat Rock, NC to an apple orchard called Skytop. It was a VERY popular place. We got to pick our own apples! Andy really enjoyed that :) Below are some pictures.

The "Bubba Baby Meter"

Program Girl

Paul and Robyn Galluci

Beth talking to Mason

Andy pickin the first apple


"Green Acres is the place to be..."

Mom and Dad

"Oh man I see a big one at the top!"

Pretty Fall Leaves

Third and Final Trimester

Im officially on the down slope now! Different books and websites label the 3rd trimester at different times (b/w week 26-28) but Saturday was 28 weeks so Im there! From what I hear/read the "honeymoon" stage of pregnancy and feeling good is about over. Oh boy! :) As of 27 weeks, I've gained 14lbs. Right on track! Normal is between 25-35 lbs. It's all baby. Looks like a little basketball! Well almost all baby. A little in the hips and buttocks too :)

After a week and a half long bout with bronchitis....I'm finally better. It sure would make a lot more since to allow pregnant people to take OTC medicine BEFORE it turns into something like bronchitis...but whatever I'm not a doctor.

In other news.....I passed my glucose test (this means I don't have gestational diabetes)...WHOO HOO!! I don't know how I would have survived not being able to eat sweets! On the down side, I'm anemic so she (my doc) has put me on an iron supplement.

Here is the latest picture...28 weeks

Mason's Nursery

Well I think it's done! All that's left is to put up a few pictures that I will hopefully get at my showers. Other than that, it's ready for him! Here is a video of the whole thing :)

Clemson Game

Well, Mason experienced Clemson football for the first the womb :) I experienced a HOT September football game pregnant. We went up for the Citadel vs Clemson game last weekend thanks to Aunt Joanna and Uncle Keith. We used their parking pass and tickets and had a blast! It was really hot though. Apparently Mason is going to be a Clemson fan. He kicked and moved everytime the cannons shot when Clemson scored a touchdown. Andy is excited about that.
Based on the average, he has grown to about 1 and 2/3 lbs and about 13.5-14 in long. We have less than 100 days left!! At my last appointment I had gained 8lbs!! I freaked out but my doctor laughed. She said "April you have only gained 12lbs in 24 are fine". Still ruined my Dairy Queen run I was planning after the appointment. :)
Mason is defintly a kicker! He kicks and moves all the time...especially at night. I need him to learn now that nighttime is sleep time! HAHA!! The nursery is done (well with an expection of a few things that'll come from the showers). I'll get some pictures up soon.

Growth Spurt

So apparently little Mason had a growth spurt this week. I was able to fit in all my school shorts and t-shirts just last week. Yesterday, Mom and I had to go shopping for some bigger shorts. Not that the others didn't fit, they were just getting a little tight and I like my shorts/shirts a little loose when I'm teaching. Anyways, here is a picture of what I look like today....23 weeks and 1 day. According to my website thing, he is about 11-11.5 inches long and weighs a little more than a pound. I go for my monthly check-up Thursday. We'll see how much weight I have gained (hopefully a pound or so). Only 17 weeks left!

Mason's Nursery

YAY!! I love decorating!! I decided to get as much of the nursery done as possible before school starts because I knew my time and energy would be limited after that. Here is what we have so far.....not complete yet, but getting there!!

Crib bedding

View of the room


On July 31st we went to have our much awaited ultrasound. We had picked out names and nursery themes for both, just needed to find out if it was a girl or a boy????


His feet

The side profile of Mason Alexander Blanton :)