No Time!

You don't believe people who say their 2nd gets screw.....but it's true. I feel like I posted here almost daily with Mason. With Brady...who has time? It's sad. I really wanted to keep up with this but well between school, soccer, etc. Yeah no time. Luckily most of my friends/family have Facebook so they have been able to keep up with us through that. Hopefully since it's summer I'll have a few more chances to post.

A Few Fun Firsts

Here are a few fun things/firsts happening lately....

Mason's first family drawing :) I'm the one with blue hair, Andy's the bottom yellow circle, Mason has the red head, and Brady's all blue

Taking a "nice whittle walk" with Me and Brady, Mason and his "baby"

Mason's new BIG bed (3rd bed in 2.5 years)

First picnic with his friends Anthony and Caleb

First wagon ride together

First Family Outing

First family outing = Riverdogs game!

It started to rain when we got there but we stood in line to get tickets then waited the rain out in the gift shop (very stupid with a 2 year old). Soon we were able to get to our seats. Mason got his face painted for the first time and we all enjoyed ourselves :) Here are a few snapshots of the night...

4 months!

Well it's happened again....time is flying. Brady is already 4 months old! We went for his well check yesterday. His stats are 13.5lbs (20th percentile)...kinda low but the doc didn't seem to worried (He is getting ready to start cereal so he should beef up some) and 25.75 inches (80th percentile). So basically he's tall and skinny like his mama! :)

He was diagnosed with Torticollis. Which is the tilting of his head due to a shortened neck muscle. It's 100% correctable so we'll be doing some PT in the coming weeks to stretch out that muscle.

A few things going on at 4 months:

Smiles ALL the time!
Sleeps on his stomach
Rolls front to back consistently
Takes a bottle with no problem (which is good since I'm back at school now)
Teething! The drool...oh the drool!!
Sleeps from about 8pm-6pm :)
HATES to ride in the car (sorry kid you picked the wrong mama)

Happy Boy :)

I bet I can fit both fists in my mouth :)

3 months!

3 months!! We spent his 3 month "birthday" on vacation at Edisto Beach. Guestimated his stats to be about 12.5lbs and about 25in long. He's finally getting out of the "newborn" stage....YAY! Here are a few things going on in month 3....

- He smiles all the time....he's so happy :)
- He has found his feet....he likes to grab his toes
- He just started to roll over (front to back) which is good because he would much rather sleep on his stomach
- He has started sitting up in the bumbo
- He's sleeping ok.....takes 30-45min cat naps throughout the day instead of 3 long naps; sleeps from about 10-4 eats then sleeps from 4:30-7ish

Mason's First Surfing Lesson

We went to the beach today and Mason got his first "surfing" lesson from daddy! Still has another year or so before he's big enough for his own board.

Off to the water :)

Look at that concentration

He LOVED it! Had a blast :)

2 months

2 months already! Big boy got an A+ for his checkup. He's up to 11 lbs 12oz and is 23.5 in long. He had to get 3 shots which of course he did NOT like. Here are a few facts about Brady @ 2 months

Eats every 2-3hrs
Sleeps 7-8hrs at night
Starting to smile
Holds his head up better every day
Likes to lay on his back and kick, but not a fan of tummy time
Thinks the monkeys on the wall next to his changing table are hilarious

He's good to go for another 2 months :)