In Memory of Great-Grandma

Mason's Great Grandma (my grandmother) passed away May 7, 2010. She would have been 95 July 31st. Mason was her pride and joy. She loved everything about him and though the world of him. She said all the time "He's soo smart, April!" She once said she'd never seen anything like him before. I said, we weren't as cute or smart? She said NO! HAHA. Mason adored her. We all will miss her dearly.

4 Generations

Smelling her flowers

Strawberry Pickin'

Last week I got an email pleading for people to come pick strawberries. Apparently no one is going to the strawberry farms and all the strawberries are in danger of going bad. So Mom and Nana took Mason boy to pick strawberries on Wednesday. He had a blast standing on the mounds and rolling around in the dirt. He was SOO dirty. He did enjoy the strawberries and now we have a lot frozen strawberries! :)

Following you Nan!

Rollin rollin rollin


Pickin a strawberry

HUH? I'm not dirty!