Tonight was Mason's first taste of something other than me! We started with rice cereal. We will do the rice for about a week, then add oatmeal. After a few weeks we will start with veggies and fruit! You have to introduce one at a time for like 4-5 days to make sure he's not allergic or anything. I was soo excited for the cereal. We got in our big boy high chair and all. He loved the cereal! It took him a few minutes to figure out how to eat and swallow but he got the hang of it. We will eat again twice tomorrow. Here are a few pics and video of the event. HE HE HE enjoy :) Yummy! What do you mean it's all gone!?! WAAAA I want more! Here's a video ...Its about 3 mins and Andys first time using the video camera too :)

4 months old!

Mason turned 4 months old on the 10th. HOLY COW FOR REAL?!?!?! Last Tuesday we went to the doctor for his 4 month check up and shots. Our big boy weighs 16lbs 1oz and is 26in long. The doctor was very happy with his weight gain. He's in the 75th percentile for weight and height. He was perfectly healthy! We got the OK to start food anytime between now and June. We'll start with rice cereal then go from there (veggies and fruit). Stay tuned for pictures!

Mason has found his voice! He just talks and talks. He gets it honest though. Andy and I are both big talkers :) He has also started to pacify himself with his two fingers. I think he's gonna be a finger paci no thumb...its middle and ring finger for him!

Mason got his first boo boo this week. Nancy (mom in law) was being a wonderful help and doing a load of laundry when she accidentally bumped his head on the door frame. He had a tiny goose egg (which had gone away by the time I got home or I would have taken a picture) and cried for a second then was fine. Nancy on the other hand was more upset that Mason. I would have been upset to though! Just another first to add to his baby book! :)

Sleeping Baby

*Check back soon for the video* (I gotta take it first :) )

Mason's First Easter

Yay for firsts! Mason's first Easter was great!

We went to see the Easter Bunny earlier in the week. Mason liked him!! It took awhile to get him to smile but this was our end result...

Friday night was his first time at church. The nursery at Cathedral is awesome and he was good as gold!

Easter Eve photo shoot

Sunday we went to my home church dressed in our Sunday best :)

We visited both sets of grandparents and had an Easter egg hunt!

Spring Break Fun

This week was my Spring Break from school. Mason and I had so much fun. We played and played. We took some walks (when the weather was warm), played on our playmat and in our new doorway bouncer. We also did some laundry (scratch that LOTS of laundry because he's a drooling machine) and planted some flowers in the front yard :) Can't wait 'til summer!!! Take a look at all our fun....

Cool guy Mason in his new shades

Yummy hands

Jumping'/swinging in the new bouncer

Playin' with Crabman

Helpin' mommy with the laundry

Planting flowers with mommy

Hey mommy, this one is nice


Seriously?!! Seriously. Now that we have the acid reflux under control he has decided to start teething. He's a drooling machine and naws his hands all day long. I can already start to see some of the bottom tooth. That one doesnt seem to bother him too much though. The back ones seem to bother him. That's where he chews at least. We can't give him Orajel yet b/c he is too young. Apparently it can numb his gag reflex and he can choke. So we can only give him Tylenol and Im cautious about that and not giving it to him all the time.

Yummy hands!
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