6 weeks

Wow can time go any faster? GEEZ! The acid reflux is really kicking his butt. After taking Zantac for about 10 days, we realized it wasnt really working (well maybe alittle but he was still in pain). Called the doctor and he switch us to Prevacid. It's supposed to take 3-5 days to kick in. Today was day 2. Yesterday was a horrible day. Poor baby screamed in pain for 4 hrs and ate every hour on the hour. Today is much better, although he has slept most of the day. I'm hoping this Prevacid will work. I feel so sorry for him. I can't get over how big he is getting. His cheeks and fingers are getting chubby and he is growing out of his newborn clothes (length-wise). He is starting to attempt to smile....YAY! I can't wait til his starts smiling big!

Holding his paci (he occasionally takes one)

Tummy time on the boppy

Starting to smile

Acid Reflux

Well we might have a solution to Mason's screaming fits, gassy problems, sleeping issues and "hard" stools.....ACID REFLUX! Monday night was Andy and I's breaking point. He screamed, grunted and cried in pain from 10:45pm-2:00am. I called the doctor and they saw us Tuesday. Oinker now weighs 9lb 10oz!! Anyways, after I described all the symptoms he was having the doctor said it sounded like acid reflux. He put Mason on baby Zantac and said it would take 3-4 days to get in his system. Basically meaning by Sunday I should have (in his words) "a new, happy baby". I feel bad that it took so long for us to figure it out. Poor thing has been in pain for weeks, but Im glad we are getting it sorted out now.

Last weekend we made our first out of town trip. We went up to Gaston to see Uncle Allen and Aunt Oralee. He did great! He slept the whole ride up, hung out an looked around at Uncle Allen's house, slept while we went to lunch, hung out while we visited Beth and JP, then slept all the way home! He's such a good baby :)

Here are a few cute pictures:

Meeting Uncle Allen and Aunt Oralee

Ring Ring! Hello?

What you talkin' 'bout Willis!

He's holding his head up more and more...such a big boy!

Mason is 1 Month Already!

Holy cow this month has gone by fast. I can't believe how much our little man has changed! We are still waiting on the feeding/sleeping schedule but I know it will come. We are also waiting on the poor baby's digestive system to develop. He has such bad gas he'll just scream out in pain. Mason is a strong little guy. He has a strong grip and strong legs (he likes to push off you). He is also able to hold his head up on his own (for short periods of time).

Mom and I took him to Sears to have his 1-month old pictures taken yesterday. Note to self and anyone else...don't go to Sears! Our appointment was at 4:30pm and we left at 7:00pm. There was only one person working....she wasn't very good with posing him and took the pictures of him before he calmed down. Of course I know it's hard to photograph a 1 month old. Mason has a little mind of his own. He was all happy and bushy-tailed after the shoot was over. Figures :) We'll only have that picture up for a few weeks. Gotta take another one at 3 months :)
Here are a few of the good ones:

This is how it all started!

I love this one, but it was $30 to put it in this sepia tone. His bad baby acne showed up in the normal one.


This is the one we purchased.

I love this one too, but it's just his face.

Tiny hands

Tiny toes

Happy New Year!

We started off 2009 at home with our new family. We were going to go out but were so tired we decided to just stay home. That night Mason actually slept in the bassinet beside our bed. I got to sleep in the bed for the first timesince he was born....whoo hoo! Andy was glad to have his bed buddy back :). He still woke up every 2 hours to eat though.

We went to the doctor Tuesday b/c he was sneezing and coughing. Me being a first time mom I was worried. Of course he's perfectly healthy. He weighed in at a whopping 8lb 3oz. Little oinker gained about a pound in a week!!! Obviously I have good milk.

He's going through his 3 week growth spurt right now. It's about to kill me. He eats ever 45min-1hr. Talk about exhausting....oh and starting to get a little painful!

Here are a few pictures from New Years Day. We spent it watching football and eating at Grandma and Poppa's (my parents).

Sporting my New Year's outfit from Grandma Blanton

He found his thumb!

Our first serious mother son talk....it didn't work :)