Big Boy Bed!

I'm not sure when it happened but my baby is becoming a big boy. Last week he decided to become a monkey and climb out of his crib. He was doing it perfectly and not falling until he woke up Thursday night and fell. It knocked the breath out of him and I broke all records getting into his room. The crib came down the next day and Mason boy was on the mattress on the floor. I put a want add up on Craigslist for a firetruck toddler bed. I had pretty much decided just to get a plain wood one when lo and behold someone responded with a wooden firetruck toddler bed. SOLD!!! He loves it and it matches his room perfectly! Next step.....get him to go to sleep without being rocked :)

Helping daddy take down the crib

On the floor

He loves his new big boy bed!

When did he get so big?