Clemson Game

This weekend we went up to Clemson for Mason's first Clemson football game! Uncle Keith and Aunt Joanna gave us their tickets and parking pass! It was cold and rainy, but we made the best of it! Mason did great! He seemed to enjoy tailgaiting and watched the game and people intently for the first quarter. Then started to get sleepy. He actually fell asleep on me in the stands! I was surprised for 2 reasons....#1 he usually has to be rocked and #2 the guy behind us was SOO loud! He slept for a little over an hour. When it started we covered up with a poncho then eventually had to move underneath the stands.

Tailgating baby style

Full and watching the little girls play

Watching the players run down the hill

Passed out

YO YO Clemson Dude

Wet Family Shot

New Car Ms. Sandra let us borrow!

First Stomach Bug

Mason has gotten his first stomach bug. Monday he had explosive poop. I woke up and smelled him from the doorway. I walked in and he was covered as was his bed. Into the bath we went (at 620am). After he was all cleaned up, I gave him his bottle. Within 2 minutes of finishing the bottle he projectile vomited the ENTIRE 7oz all over me, him, the couch and floor. Back into the bath he went (640am). He didn't eat much Monday but kept the few oz of his bottles that he drank down. Tuesday night....ugh Tuesday night. After he went down at his normal time 745pm I thought we were good to go....until 10pm. He woke up screaming. I walked in and there he was COVERED from head to toe in I did what every mom would do.....FREAKING TOOK A PICTURE! Then I thought to myself....April what are you doing you child is MISERABLE! FAIL!!!! Into the bath we went, I gave him some pedialyte and rocked him back to sleep. Good to go until about 430am when he blew out his diaper again. Then at 630am after his bottle....projectile vomit again. After that, he's been doing better. I'm hoping it was just a 24hr thing. UGH I would prefer he not get that again!

The "Mother of the Year" picture....poor baby :(

Here are some pics from before he got sick

Riding the firetruck at the mall

Playing on the front porch

Taking after Poppa and searching for good recipies

Unloading dishes (he climbed up himself)

Happy 9 Months and Park Day!

Warning....this is a long post!

Well he's been out of my belly as long as he was in my belly! It's really hard to believe he's already 9 months. Life went by fast before him, but now.....seriously like on fast forward or something. Wish there was a slow button!

Thursday mom and I went to this thing called Charleston Repeats. It's like a HUGE garage sale (with pretty good stuff). We got lots of cool things for Mason's Christmas/Birthday but he got a few 9 month presents too!


What he's doing at 9 months:
- Holding his bottle. He sits on the couch, crosses his ankles and drinks.
- Eating people food. He refused stage 3 foods so we just went on to table food. I haven't found a food he doesn't like....this kid LOVES to eat!
- Cruising and crawling like a pro. He can walk while you hold just one hand but will only take a step or two on his own.
- He whispers (which is histerical)
- We are working on high fives, clapping and kissing (aka open mouth slobbers)
- He has figured out that there are things UNDER the couch/table/ect. He'll bend down with his butt in the air to look under stuff.
- Taking baths in the big boy tub.....he outgrew the cute duckie.
- He LOVES Elmo!
- He has started to have a comfort item. It's called a lovie (basically and doggie
head with a blanket body). He LOVES it.

He is officially weaned. I would have liked to continue until his first birthday but my supply ran out. He was exclusivly breastfed for 7 1/2 months then half and half til his 9 month birthday. As much as I am sad/disappointed I couldn't continue, I'm proud of myself that I was able to go as long as I did with only one side. It's nice not to have to pump at work anymore too!

He goes to the doctor next week. No shots this time!! If I had to guess, he's about 22lbs and about 29 in long

Today (Friday) was a Park Day!!! It was GORGEOUS weather so me, mom, nana and grandma took Mason to the new Mt. Pleasant park and to feed the ducks at Quarterman's park. It was a long day but we had a BLAST!!

Swinging with Nana and Grandma

Mommy and Mason

It hurts to crawl so I'll do this

Nana and Great-Grandma enjoying the view

I love to swing!


WHOA man!

Look at all the ducks!

Hurry up Nana I wanna catch it!

Labor Day Weekend

We started out Labor Day weekend relaxing on the couch, watching some new Baby Einstein movies......

We did some laundry and he fell in :)

We played in the toliet some (after mommy cleaned it)
*come back this weekend to see video*

We got his 9 month pictures made which was a freakin mess. We got there on time, but they were running late. Appt at 11am we got in at 1130am. Mason was being his happy self, til he sat down. We had a time getting him to sit still and smile. We got a few cute ones, BUT because it took soo long and took soo long for them to get the "album" ready for us to look at Mason freaked out. He was soo tired and cranky and wouldnt be still. Mom and I were both flustered and couldn't figure out which pictures we wanted. After we got home (at 1pm!) we realize we picked the wrong one! Not that the one we chose was bad, just this one was better. Oh well....he'll get new ones in 3 months.

And to top the weekend off we had a fun cookout with the whole family!
Cousin Robyn and Great-Grandma with Mason