Mason's First Surfing Lesson

We went to the beach today and Mason got his first "surfing" lesson from daddy! Still has another year or so before he's big enough for his own board.

Off to the water :)

Look at that concentration

He LOVED it! Had a blast :)

2 months

2 months already! Big boy got an A+ for his checkup. He's up to 11 lbs 12oz and is 23.5 in long. He had to get 3 shots which of course he did NOT like. Here are a few facts about Brady @ 2 months

Eats every 2-3hrs
Sleeps 7-8hrs at night
Starting to smile
Holds his head up better every day
Likes to lay on his back and kick, but not a fan of tummy time
Thinks the monkeys on the wall next to his changing table are hilarious

He's good to go for another 2 months :)

4th of July

Andy had to work EMS so it was just me and the boys. We spend the morning playing in the yard. I made Mason his own waterpark and he had a great time playing.

After nap, we went to Grandmamas and Poppas for hamburgers with them and Nana. After dinners we did a little photo shoot headed out to Riverfront Park to watch fireworks. Mason loved them but about 9:30 pooped out and was ready to "go home".


Brady's first time in the pool! When you are born in the south in the are going to go in the pool/ocean. It's just second nature :) Brady enjoyed his first swim :) He didn't cry and all and seemed very content to just hang out in the water. Of course after about 15 minutes he started to get cold so he got out, but YAY for liking the water!