The Beach

It was such a warm weekend that we decided to take Mason out for his first boating trip, but the boat wouldn't start so we decided to hit the beach instead. It was a good thing we didn't go on the boat because boy was it WINDY!! We got to the beach about 4pm (dad says thats the PERFECT time). Unfortunatly it was close to his snack and naptime. We got some playing in though while the dad's (Andy and my dad) fished...take a look!

OK I'm ready!!

YAY we're finally here!

Hangin on the beach

Look at the water!

Splish Splash (it was cold)

Andy fishing


All tuckered out!

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a fun Memorial Day weekend. We went to the park, played at home and visited family. It was still to cold to take Mason swimming, BUT we got him a life vest so he's ready for the boat! His cold is getting better, slowly. He still gets stuffy at night. His sleeping patterns have stunk this weekend. I think it's a combo of the cold and teething. UGH! 9 more school days before summer!!
Here is our weekend in pictures.

Swinging at the park

Chillin' on the couch just like daddy!

Great Grandma is home!!

Mason meet Erin

Starting young with the pick-up lines....looks like they dont work :)

Mason: "Hey babe wanna meet in my crib later?"
Erin: "Oh puleese"

Who would have thought 20 years ago we'd be standing here with babies 8 weeks apart!

My best friend Kim with baby Erin, baby Mason and me

Drivin the car

Hey you wanna ride with me?


YAY Doggie is alive!

Newest Milestone..SITTING!

Guess who can sit up by himself (at least for a few minutes or so)! He's been sitting for a week or so, but only for like 2 seconds and not with the best posture. Today he sat for a long time playing. He is no longer a big fan of laying on his back to play. There are only certain times he wants to be on his tummy. Still working on the crawling part. He did get he's knees under him today, but hasn't started moving yet (thank goodness cause Im not ready for that yet!).

On another note, we have a cold :( It hadn't seemed to bother him too much until last night we he woke up 3 times before 6am! He's been sneezing, coughing and has a runny nose. Poor little guy. I hope it doesn't last too long b/c Ive gotten used to sleeping through the night.

Humm...a book


Who's a big boy?

Hey this things look neat

Yummy too!

How can we outgrow this much stuff in just 5 MONTHS and this doesn't include the clothes!!


We've been doing great on food. He likes everything so far (rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes and squash). We quit the oatmeal because he was spitting up alot so we wanted to see if it was the oatmeal. Well, the rice cereal is starting to make Mason boy a little constipated. SOOO we switched back to oatmeal and ate some PRUNES :) Oatmeal was a no-go again. He threw up all morning. Guess we'll try barley cereal next. We can't keep doing the rice every day so if barley doesn't work we'll just do rice like 3 times a week. Up next is the food line up is carrots, green beans and sweet peas!

YAY for poop!

Video clip of eating prunes

Mother's Day and Mason's Dedication

Today was a BIG day! Mason turned 5 months old, it was my first Mother's Day and it was Mason's church dedication. I got pretty white roses and a card from Mason boy, then we got dressed and went to church. We were actually early!! My baby was soo cute and such a good boy! :) After church the whole crew went to Bessingers for Mother's Day lunch. It was me, Andy, my parents and Brian, Nana, Andy's parents, and Andy's sis Jennifer and bro in law Alan. It was a long day but very nice!

Mommy and her boy!

Dedication (we look so serious :) )

How cute is this kid?!

Ohh something new..shoestrigs!

The new "big boy" carseat

Yummy sweet potatoes

Contemplating licking his bowl clean :)


We have not one but TWO teeth! Both are on the bottom. They aren't all the way in yet, but they have cut through and showing! Here are two attempted pictures. The white spots are the teeth :)

More Food!

Here are a few new pictures. He did well on the rice cereal...loves it so we started the oatmeal this weekend. His face when he first tasted it was....YUCK but he ate it all. :) We'll do oatmeal for a week then alternate oatmeal in the morning and rice at night for a week or two.

On another note.....we have the tip of a toofy!!!! When it comes through all the way I'll "attempt" to take a picture of it :)

This spoon tastes good!

I like the bowl too!

Bath in my new ducky bath tub (the beak quacks!)

Sportin' his Nana loves me shirt