My Birthday

Saturday was my 28th birthday. This year I do feel older! Probably b/c I havent slept through the night in like 9 months. HAHAHA! Mason got me a cute baby shoe charm to wear around my neck. Mom and Dad paid for me to get a new hair do. She highlighted it (but it didnt stay due to my hormones still out of wack) then she trimed it and straightened it (that took like 30 min!) We went to dinner that night with my mom and dad, Nana, and Andy's mom and dad. It was YUMMY! Mason is not a night person apparently. He always gets fussy around 6pm and stays fussy on and off til he goes to bed about 8:30pm. Well he had such a good day I thought he would do ok. He did OK. We got there and he was all smiles. Then he started to get hungry so I had to leave and go to the car and feed him. By the time I got back everyone had already eaten. They brought me my dinner while the g-ma's held the little man so I can eat. Oh least I got to hang out with everyone. Here are a few pictures.

Me and baby Mason

Daddy and his boy

The Blanton Family

3 month pictures

Look at the big boy!

Mason @ 3 months

Me @ 3 months

St. Patrick's Day

Here are a few candid shots. He hasn't been feeling well (note my wet shoulder)so we'll do another photo shoot maybe this weekend.

Picture Day

Today we went to try out JC Penny for pictures. He was happy and smiling all morning, until we got there! Figures.... I'll post those pictures when I get them and can scan them in. They were MUCH MUCH better than Sears!

Once we got home and he had a nap, Mom and I decided to try a home photo shoot. I think we had more fun than he did! :)

What are they doing?!

Little Flirt

Howdy Ya'll!

Just chillin'

This don't taste too good!

Beautiful Weekend

It was a beautiful weekend here in Charleston. Temps close to 80! Man I love spring! Saturday we went for a walk, swang on the front porch and went shopping. Mason is a typical man....he's not a fan of shopping. Boy did he pick the wrong mommy!

Sunday we took our first trip to the park! I packed a picnic lunch and everything :) While Andy and I were eating, Mason felt left out so he had a picnic lunch/snack too! Then we took a walk and he feel asleep. After the walk (we walked the 1 mile trail and he slept the whole time) we went to the playground to see if there were any baby swings. Nope but we still had fun. He slid down the slide and rocked on the dolphin. He had a great time! YAY for my baby loving the outdoors!!!

Aunt Kathy and Uncle Bob

A few weeks ago Mason got to meet his G. Aunt Kathy and G. Uncle Bob. They came to visit from San Francisco. They were able to stay for about a week. Mason hung out with them during the day while I was at school and then we did dinner a couple nights. They liked him. He liked them too. :) Too bad they live so far away.