Merry Christmas!

It's hard to believe this is Mason's 2nd Christmas! Warning...this is long :)

I was worried about the Christmas tree and decorations. Mason is SOO curious I just knew he'd take it apart. He actually did very well! Didn't really mess with it. I did catch him once...

Who knew you could buy babies at Walmart!?

He was not a huge fan of the Santa at the mall. I think this was probably because he was tired of taking pictures. We visited Santa after his 1 year photo shoot.

He did however HIGHLY enjoy a peppermint milkshake from Chick-Fil-A

Tuesday night we went to see the James Island Festival of Lights. The line to get into the park was unreal! I have NEVER see that many people going to the lights. We let Mason get out of the car seat so he could see all the lights. Then we parked to walk around. He checked out the lights up close and road a little kiddie train (I had to to the hand pedal) and thought that was great!

Christmas Eve we went to church and then had everyone over for chili. We had a good time. Mason had his first candy cane. I think it's safe to say he thoroughly enjoyed it.

Christmas Day was long but good. We woke up about 7:30 to see what Santa brought.

After breakfast we went to Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Alan's for Christmas with Andy's family. Mason got lots of cute clothes, a telephone, a wagon and a firetruck ball pit!

Then we moved on to my parent's house for dinner and presents. Hanging out with Uncle Allen and Aunt Ora Lee

Mason started feeling kinda puney. He didn't really get a morning or afternoon nap. The food was awesome. After dinner and letting the food settle it was present time. He got a baby laptop, a truck, a zylaphone, some books, and money for his bank account. He made out like a champ! At home with almost all the presents.

Christmas night he started running a high fever, coughing and having a runny nose. We took him to the doctor's care for babies (Peds Plus) and found out he had RSV (an upper respiratory virus). UGH! So Happy Holidays for us! :/

We do hope that everyone had an awesome holiday though!!

Party Time!

We had Mason's party today and it was a success!! It went really fast too. It was mostly family and a few close friends. We had the usual cake and ice cream along with pizza and cookies. Mason again LOVED the cake. He also got lots of really cool presents! Thanks to everyone who made it a special day for the boy!

Singing Happy Birthday

The aftermath!

I showed this slideshow at the party....turn your sound on!

Here are a few collages of his 1 year pictures too...I didn't want to do a whole new post :)

Happy 1st Birthday!!

He's ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had both sets of grandparents and great-grandparents over for pizza and cake last night. Mason LOVED pizza. He ate almost 2 slices!

The night wouldn't have been complete without cake! He pretty much ate the whole slice.

Man that was good!!

Humm...what's in there?

Sunday is the big birthday party so stay tuned for more pictures!

At 1 year....
-he is walking....umm I mean running everwhere
-he is dancing every time he hears music
-he LOVES being outside
-he wears 12-18mo clothes
-he laughs all the time (he's such a happy baby...err toddler)!
-no official words yet...still baby
-he is starting to mock sounds and actions

Happy Birthday Mason Boy! We love you!!

Carolina 34 vs Clemson 17

Mason is a baby divided....Daddy is a Clemson fan; Mommy is a Carolina fan

Mommy won braggin' rights! GO GAMECOCKS!!

The kid LOVES to swing!

Mt. Pleasant's waterfront park

Which one should I chase first?

These guys look kinda slow

Mohawk Man

Playin' at the mall