1st Play Date!

Today Mason had his first official play date! One of my sorority sisters, Leilani, has a little boy, Henry, that is 3 months older than Mason. When Henry first arrived Mason was sooo excited! He just kept following Henry around and squealing. We took the boys down to the Children's Museum and they had a BLAST!

Hugging Henry

Doesn't it look like they just got busted for doing something bad? :)

I'm winning.....no I'm winning

Is this where these go?

Snack time!

Hey, I caught a fish!

Sittin' in the little boat

This is how you do it....I think



Painting :)

and they are OUT!

We can't wait to play with Henry again!

Lots Going On!

1st of all.....
Mason got RSV over Christmas break. RSV is an upper respiratory virus. I read that 90% of kids under 2 catch it once. He had a runny nose, coughing, shortness of breath. It was ROUGH to say the least. He just laid around and didn't really sleep at night. I felt so bad for him :( We were supposed to go up to the mountains with our friends Martin and Colleen and their little boy Landon for New Years BUT Landon is only 2 months and so that was a big no no. RSV is VERY dangerous for babies under 3 months. Mason wouldn't have felt up to it even if we could go.
So pitiful :(

He's finally better! He is back to his VERY active self. He lost his appetite when he was sick but it's back with FULL force! He will go to the kitchen and bring us a fork, spoon or bib (his way of saying he's hungry) like every 2 hours! Here are a few things we've been doing!

Riding his horse

Chasing the cats

Playing at the mall

Cooking biscuits

1st Haircut! Well really just a trim. I just cut about 1/2in from the front so it would be out of his eyes. He was NOT a fan of the haircut. I tried to save it, but it is such a little amount you can't even see it in the baggie.


He's 13 months! Well tomorrow. He gets smarter everyday! Here is what he's into now..
- The mocking stage. You only have to show him once and he does whatever you do. It's too funny!
- He's starting to play with his toys correctly. Specifically trucks. He'll push them aroudn on he knees and make brrm brrm sounds or fire truck sounds.
- He LOVES to talk on the phone. He has 2 cell phones, a cordless phone and a toy phone. He brings it to you and wants you to call people. He also gets SOO excited when the phone rings.
- He LOVES to play chase. He takes off and wants you to chase him
- Peek-a-boo is fun too! He likes to peek around the couch or wall to see you
- He still loves the outside, but has been really annoyed that we can't go out and play (it's just too cold!)