Check-up and First Shower

I went for my latest check up last Wednesday (32wk 4d). I'm right on track with my weight....gaining 1lb. per week. His heart rate is good, his size is good. Everything is great! Im having no problems either. He's considered full-term at 37 weeks (the Saturday after Thanksgiving). HOLY COW!!!

Sunday was the first of my showers...WOO HOO! It was given by Aunt Peggy and Mom. This shower was for mostly family and family friends. It was a lot of fun and I got lots of great things!

33 weeks

Nana's Diaper Cake

Yummy Cake!


Food :)

Bib game

Robyn's Wedding Weekend

This weekend was my last traveling trip 'til the little man is born. We went to Greenville for my cousin Robyn's wedding. We had a great time! It was a long weekend, but fun. Sunday afternoon we drove up to Flat Rock, NC to an apple orchard called Skytop. It was a VERY popular place. We got to pick our own apples! Andy really enjoyed that :) Below are some pictures.

The "Bubba Baby Meter"

Program Girl

Paul and Robyn Galluci

Beth talking to Mason

Andy pickin the first apple


"Green Acres is the place to be..."

Mom and Dad

"Oh man I see a big one at the top!"

Pretty Fall Leaves