Beach/Pool Dudes

It's summertime in the south and it's HOT. You can't expect someone who lives at the beach to keep their newborn from the beach or pool. Especially someone like me!

Brady's 1st time at the beach @ 5 weeks

Snackin' on the beach

Sleeping to the sounds of the beach :)

Brady's first time at the pool"swimming" @ 6 weeks

As for Mason, well has turned into a fish. He likes the beach and LOVES the pool. Looking for swimming lessons because man he loves the water!!

Father's Day

Father's Day 2011 was a great day.

We went to church....Brady did GREAT in the nursery. He was the littlest dude there :) Then we came home and cooked dinner for both Grandads. BBQ sandwiches and fixin's. We topped off the day with naps for everyone (mom, dad, Mason and Brady) all at the same time!!!!!!

1 month Professional Pictures

Went to JC Penny to have Brady's 1 month pictures taken. The photographer was awesome! She got so many cute shots! I was good though and only bought the 7.99 package :)

The package pic


Pretty boy

Tiny feet

Sweet baby Brady

1 month

Wow I can't believe it's already been a month. Of course the first 2 weeks of his life is a blur b/c I was in bed. Based on my home calculations Brady is about 10 lbs and 22in long. He is bigger than Mason at 1 month (9.13 and 21.75in)!!

A few things going on in the life of Brady....
- hates tummy time (shock)
- sleeps 3-5hrs at night!
- LOVES to be held....although he is starting to mellow out some and just chill
- Still learning to use the bathroom....he grunts and pushes for like 30 minutes at a time before getting anything to come out. Of course this ticks him off so he's fussy during that time too. Apparently this is normal :/

A few "firsts" this month
- first bath in his tub and he LOVED it
- first trip to the park

Memorial Day we packed everyone up along with a picnic lunch and headed to Wannamaker County Park. Can't beat $1 admission to an awesome playground, sprinkler, walking trails and big open fields. We had a great first family outing!

Cool dude Brady

Mason LOVES to swing!

1st family picnic on Memorial Day