School Shower/Latest Doctor's Appt.

Last Monday was my shower at school. I love those people! They threw a great shower and I got lots of awesome things. Im pretty much set. We are getting the pack-n-play at the end of the month (waiting on a coupon) and we'll be ready. The little man is full-term Saturday!

I went to the doctor yesterday (Wednesday). Everything is great! He has dropped, he is head down and I am 1-2cm dilated!!! This means nothing really. It means Im going to have a baby sometime before the end of the year HAHA, but things are starting to happen :) She did another ultrasound just to check his size and my amniotic fluid level. Both are great. He is measuring 6lb 10oz!!! I dunno if he can get much bigger in my little belly! Keep your cell phones handy ;)

I love me some cake!

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Shower #2

Sunday was my shower given by Julie and Angela. This was a shower for my friends. It was a great shower and I got lots of great things. We even got to try some baby food...hehehe. I have the best friends! Little Mason is going to be so spoiled :)

The shower hosts, Julie and Angela

The food...YUM!

How big is my belly?

YAY for fire dogs and trucks :)

My favorite as a baby

Cute favors!