Third and Final Trimester

Im officially on the down slope now! Different books and websites label the 3rd trimester at different times (b/w week 26-28) but Saturday was 28 weeks so Im there! From what I hear/read the "honeymoon" stage of pregnancy and feeling good is about over. Oh boy! :) As of 27 weeks, I've gained 14lbs. Right on track! Normal is between 25-35 lbs. It's all baby. Looks like a little basketball! Well almost all baby. A little in the hips and buttocks too :)

After a week and a half long bout with bronchitis....I'm finally better. It sure would make a lot more since to allow pregnant people to take OTC medicine BEFORE it turns into something like bronchitis...but whatever I'm not a doctor.

In other news.....I passed my glucose test (this means I don't have gestational diabetes)...WHOO HOO!! I don't know how I would have survived not being able to eat sweets! On the down side, I'm anemic so she (my doc) has put me on an iron supplement.

Here is the latest picture...28 weeks

Mason's Nursery

Well I think it's done! All that's left is to put up a few pictures that I will hopefully get at my showers. Other than that, it's ready for him! Here is a video of the whole thing :)

Clemson Game

Well, Mason experienced Clemson football for the first the womb :) I experienced a HOT September football game pregnant. We went up for the Citadel vs Clemson game last weekend thanks to Aunt Joanna and Uncle Keith. We used their parking pass and tickets and had a blast! It was really hot though. Apparently Mason is going to be a Clemson fan. He kicked and moved everytime the cannons shot when Clemson scored a touchdown. Andy is excited about that.
Based on the average, he has grown to about 1 and 2/3 lbs and about 13.5-14 in long. We have less than 100 days left!! At my last appointment I had gained 8lbs!! I freaked out but my doctor laughed. She said "April you have only gained 12lbs in 24 are fine". Still ruined my Dairy Queen run I was planning after the appointment. :)
Mason is defintly a kicker! He kicks and moves all the time...especially at night. I need him to learn now that nighttime is sleep time! HAHA!! The nursery is done (well with an expection of a few things that'll come from the showers). I'll get some pictures up soon.