Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a pretty relaxing Thanksgiving. I am thankful for so many things in my life. Family, jobs, health, etc. So much to list. I have a very very blessed life! Usually we eat with both sets of parents, but this year my parents were in TX visiting my uncle this year (first Thanksgiving in my life w/o them :(). We hung around the house most of the day...with temps close to 80 it didn't really feel like fall. We had a photo shoot in the morning...(made everyone where long sleeves b/c it's SUPPOSED to be fall HAHA) I was impressed with the results :)

Then, Mason and I made a turkey for the centerpiece.

After nap went and ate with Andy's parents and sister. We had some yummy food! Mason really enjoyed the pie and whipped cream.....haha

That night I went to Toys r Us. It was the most unbelieveable thing. I got in line at 9pm (doors opened at 10pm). The line wrapped around almost the whole shopping center. Got in the door at 10:40pm....got what I wanted (no one was getting swing sets) and got in line. Stood in line for 1.5hrs just to check out!!!!! Got home about 1:30am. HAHA Im sure I'll end up having to do that again sometime but I would prefer not to :)

Hope everyone had a great Turkey Day!!!

Halloween 2010

Mason was an indian this year. We decided on an indian because he really liked the indian we saw in Cherokee, NC this summer. I blew up a picture and put it in his playroom and he pointed and "talked" about it all the time. SO here is our little indian :)

Friday night we carved the pumpkin

Saturday afternoon we went to a little Halloween party my aunt had at her work. Mason's little cousin Lily was a cowgirl.....haha get it? Cowgirl and Indian?

Sunday was the BIG night! We walked around with both sets of grandparents, Mason's BFF (and next door neighbor) and his parents. They had a good time.

And away we go!

Anthony and Mason

Checking out his loot

Night night....haha