SC Aquarium

Today me, my mom (Grandmama)and Andy's mom (Grandma) took Mason to the SC Aquarium for the first time. He started off liking the animals. He watched the fish, otters, alligators and penguins. After awhile he seemed to get bored with all the exhibits and started blowing rasberries and everything. It was funny. Unfortunatly my camera battery died, Andy's mom's camera was dead and Mom didnt bring hers. FAIL!! Before they all died I did get a few cute ones....

Calling all boats

Lookin' out the window

What's in the water?

Shark bait

Bald Eagle

On the deck with Mr. Frog

Grandmama, Mason and Grandma

Lake Hartwell

Last week we took Mason to Lake Hartwell! He is the 3rd generation to enjoy the Holmes' place. My parents visited in their early marriage days, I grew up going there in the summer and now it was Mason's turn!

It was Mom, Dad, Brian, Me, Mason, Andy, Uncle Allen, Aunt Ora Lee, Uncle Keith (aka Uncle Bubba), Aunt Joanna, Doug, Beth, Robyn and Paul. Yep that's a lot of peps!! We swam, drove the boat around, and hung out on the dock. I never understood why people took babysitters on vacation with them.....until now. Luckily I had my family as babysitters :)

We had a great time and Mason did very well on the long 5hr car ride. He did well during the day too.....but nighttime was HELL! I think it was a combo of sleeping in his pack n play, sleeping in the same room as us, and not feeling well.

Thursday night he began to run a fever. We gave him tylenol and put him to bed. Friday his fever kept going up. When it hit 103.5 we took him to the emergency room....HIS FIRST TRIP! Found out he had the beginning of an ear infection. The doctor gave us some meds and we were on our way. It was scary for mommy and daddy! Needless to say his lake swimming ended there.

We took SOO many pictures I can't post them all. Here are a few and more in a slide show at the bottom!

Swimming with Mommy

Helping me drive the boat

Our make-shift play pen (It worked pretty well too!)

Playin on the beach

The Blanton's at the lake :)

The Little Gym

Every Tuesday morning this summer we have been going to a place called The Little Gym. It is soo neat! Expensive, but way cool. They have classes for kids as young as 4 months and all the way up to elementary school. It's like baby gymnastics! We do strength exercises, stretches, play with bubbles, balls, bells, sticks, explore on the equipment, and much more! I'd love to continue doing it in the spring....we'll have to see about the finances!

Flagpole (He's such a ham!)

Trying to catch the bubbles

Sucking up to the teacher ;)

Walking on the balance beam

Forward Roll

Crawling uphill

Swimming Lessons

The past 2 weeks Mason has been taking swimming lessons. Not too much teaching, more intro to the water. He splashed a lot, we blew bubbles (well Mason just tried to lick the water), floated on his back, "kicked" on the kickboard and dunked under water (only once each day). He loves the water!

Splashing mommy CHEESE! Kick kick kick
Blowing bubbles

Getting dunked

Floating on his back

Playing on the kickboard

Happy Fourth of July!

Today we went to my friend Meredith's place for a pool party/cookout. We had a great time swimming and catching up with friends. This is probably the first time in YEARS I won't be watching fireworks, but at least there will be some of TV. Fireworks = dark; Dark = Mason's bedtime......having a baby changes everything :)

Happy 4th from the Blanton's!

Yummy watermelon

Humm wonder what this tastes like

Yum yum

Pumping American Iron :)

Wave wave wave the flag


First Boat Trip!

Last weekend we took Mason out to Morris Island for his first boat trip. Once he had the lifejacket on, he didn't move a was soo funny! He slept on the way out to the beach and on the way back. It was soo hot, but there was a nice breeze on the beach. Mason got a little pink (even though he was in the shade!) but it didn't seem to bother him. First boat trip = SUCCESS!!!

Umm...Im not too sure about this!

Poppa whatcha doin'?

Yeah, playing in the water is so much more fun

It was nice in the shade :)

Aw mom again?!


I love this kid!

Isn't he just the cutest thing! I seriously think I may have the cutest little boy ever :)

Playing in the grass

I'm gonna get you grass blade!

Such a happy baby!

This is how he gets what he wants :)