18 months

18 months...really? Seems like I was just posting his 1 year old post. I used to laugh at people who said kids grow up to fast. Now I tear up when I think how fast he's growing. This is SUCH a fun age! Well minus the temper tantrums :) Per the doctor, he's perfect! 29 lbs (90 percentile) and 34.75 in (off the chart!). Here are just a few things he's into at 18 months....

- LOVES the outside; wakes up and points to the window then cries when we have to go in to go to bed
- Loves to play peek-a-boo and chase
- LOVES to push his trucks around
- Knows his belly button, hair, ears, nose, teeth, tongue, toes, and fingers
- He is really enjoying the pool. He can jump off the side, kick his feet and blow bubbles! My prediction is I'll have a swimmer by the end of the summer!
- Some words he says: Mom, Mama, Ma, Dad, Dada, Pop, Pop-Pop, More, Ball, Bug, Bubbles, Nana, Hot, Hat, Uh-oh
- Knows the animals sounds for dog, cat, elephant, duck, cow, pig

Mommy and Mason at the beach

Daddy and Mason in the pool

Memorial Day Weekend

It's hot in Charleston now and with Mason REFUSING to play inside, hot = water. We played in water ALL weekend :)

We washed my car;

Played at the park;

And went out on the boat

YAY for the "unofficial" start of summer!!