Happy Halloween!

Halloween was exciting! When we chose Mason's costume, we took him to Babies R Us. We held up costume after costume and he just starred. When we held up the kangaroo he started laughing. We held up 3-4 others with no response, then the kangaroo again and he started laughing again! Sooooo....

He was a kangaroo!

About 3:00pm we packed up and went over to Nana's. We were meeting Matthew and Lily so Nana could see both great-grands in their costumes.

Nana and her "Roo"

Then we went to my mom and dad's to visit and trick or treat. We actually Trick or Treated at one house...the Revord's across the street.

Come on lets get dressed!

Walking up to the door

Picking out his first Halloween candy!

Then we went to Andy's parents. By this time it was like 6:30 so, he stopped to eat some dinner (well a little dinner since he'd filled up on cookies at Nana's and Grandmama's). Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Alan came over to see the little kangaroo too!

Then we came home and crashed! It was a GREAT first Halloween!

Camping Trip

We took Mason on his first camping trip last weekend! We went up to Chimney Rock, NC to a campground called Hickory Nut Falls. I camped there a lot growing up so it was cool to take Mason back there. Originally it was supposed to be real nice weather, BUT........it wasn't. Friday night it rained from about 5pm til about 3am. Then of course the ground was really went and muddy. Try keeping a walking/crawling 10 month old off the ground....RIGHT! Saturday it was cold and windy. We went up to Sky Top orchard to pick apples. It was soo cold and windy we didn't stay very long. Saturday night we went into Chimney Rock and ate dinner. Saturday night it was COLD so Mason slept with me. We are NOT good co-sleepers...HAHA! Sunday we packed up and headed out to a pumpkin patch on our way home. Overall we had a good time! I think Mason really enjoyed it! I can't wait till next year :)
Here are a few of MANY pics we took.....

Exploring the rocks

Mason and I on a rock I climbed on in 1988!!

Ready to go!

Swinging at the campground

Picking his first apple

Andy and Mason in the apple orchard

Fall set up at Sky Top

Staying warm, enjoying a bottle by the fire

Mom, there are so many I don't know which one to choose!

Happy Fall Ya'll

Blanton Family

10 months and walking!!

Yesterday was Mason's 10 month birthday! TEN MONTHS!! He changes every day. Here are a few things he's doing now:

Loves to be pushed in his "car"
Loves to be outside
Loves water (bath, toliet, puddles, etc.)
Eats like a champ!
WALKING!! He's taking 5-6 steps at a time
Says mama, dada, baba, nana, and makes lots of other noises :)

Here is video our little Mason boy walking

Latest Update

Last Saturday we went downtown to see the Fire Parade. It was REALLY loud and he wasn't scared a bit! He watched every truck go by. Then mom and I took him for a walk. We walked down to the Farmers Market and ate lunch at Ye Ole Fashion. Oinker ate an entire double decker grilled cheese sandwich and had his first french fry. He wasn't a huge fan. Then Sunday we ate lunch outside because it was BEAUTIFUL weather.
Here are a few pictures of the latest happenings...

Watching the firetrucks at the parade

First time down an inflatabe slide (at the Farmer's Market)

First french fry....from Ye Ole Fashion of course!

Enjoying the beautiful weather with a picnic in the backyard

His robot impression (he's standing on his own!)