Picture Update

Nothing really big happening in the world of Mason. We've just been kinda hanging out around the house this week. Here are a few pictures of our fun.

This is my sandbox....all other babies stay away

What do you mean I can't eat the sand?

OH OH a squirrel!

Humm not too sure about Lance

Uncle Allen did you put this hat on my head?


First Father's Day

Andy's first father's day was a great day! He got to sleep in (just like he does every weekend) then when he got up, Mason gave him a card and a present that he picked out all by himself (well I sat 2 watches on the counter and told him to pick the one he wanted to give daddy.....and the one he grabed was the one I bought!)
Later we went to Andy's parents (Grandma and Grandpa's) for a cookout and to swim a little. Aunt Jennifer, My dad and grandma (Poppa and Great-Grandma) came too! We swam and ate...it was good food! After we ate, we hung out, talked, and played and Mason got to meet his Great Aunt Hazel and Great Uncle Coot.

Daddy get it off!

Aunt Hazel and Mason

Poppa being silly with Mason

Grandpa and Mason

Happy First Father's Day as Grands to the best Grandpa and Poppa Ever!!!

Happy First Father's Day Daddy! You're the best! :)

He's Crawling!!!!!!!!!

Well what can I say...my Mason boy is advanced! In addition to pulling up in his crib and trying to stand everywhere....he's crawling! He's such a smart boy!! We have started baby gynmastics at a place called The Little Gym. It's really neat! He gets to do developmentally appropriate activities and interact with other babies his age. Last week we played with bubbles, balls, took a step or two on the balance beam and did a forward roll! HEHE :) Oh and he has another toofy! His top right tooth has poked it's sharp little head out....YAY for teeth! :)

Posing HAHAHA:)

First ride in a buggie! Thanks Aunt Hazel for the cool buggy toy!

Playin' in the yard

Here's a short video clip of his latest milestone :)

Pool Time and 6 Month Check-up!

Bear with me this is a LONG post...we've been busy :)

Last Friday we took Mason to the pool for the first time. He loved it! I decided to dunk him under (Mom said she dunked me at 3 months). So I went 1, 2, 3 and under and up! He came up coughing!!!! I was like "I THOUGHT YOU SAID HE'D HOLD HIS BREATH!" Then a few minutes later mom goes "Oh I think you were supposed to blow in his face first so he would know to hold his breath"....um just a slight important piece of info there! Thats ok.....he still loved it!

Checking out the giant bathtub!

Mommy and Mason

Playing with Grandma and Grandmama

Enjoying an apple after the swim

Sunday we went to my cousin Lilly's 2nd birthday party. It was Mason's first kid birthday party. There were lots of kids and people....kinda sensory overload but he was good! We swam some more and we left with presents too!!! Aunt Peggy gave us a walkersaucer and a slide! I also bought a sandbox/pool-picnic table combo so he is set on outside toys for awhile!

Swimming with Daddy

Family pool shot

Catchin' a ride with Lilly:)

Monday was his 6 month check-up. He is perfect! 19lb and 27.25in. Height, weight and head size is all in the 75th percentile! Grandmama (my mom) went with me since Andy had to work. He got 3 more shots but did GREAT....only cried when he was actually given the shots. Once I picked him up he was fine. He is moving up to stage 2 foods (combos) and he can start meat in a few weeks. Doc said he can have any food except honey, seafood and peanuts.

Look who can stand up!

AHHH, nothing's better than a relaxing bath at the end of a long day!!

6 months

OK first off I would like to say that this has been the FASTEST 6 months of my ENTIRE life! I'm mean seriously time could slow down some (especially now that I'm off for the summer!). I can't believe how much Mason changes every day. He is such a happy baby! I love watching him figure out the world. Although I do get annoyed at times (like today when he refused to nap), I wouldn't change anything.

Some of the things he's doing:
- Eats and likes all stage 1 foods (his stomach doesn't like peaches and oatmeal)
- Starting to use a sippy cup
- Sits up unassisted
- Can go from tummy to sitting up without help (this causes problems when I try to put him down for a nap)
- Scoots on his bottom
- Smiles and pouts
- Giggles (still waiting for the all out stomach laugh)
- Pulls himself up to sit on his knees (crib bumper had to be removed due to this)
- Chews EVERYTHING! :)
- Has 2 bottom teeth and the 2 top should be in any day now!

Oh how he LOVES the outside

Learning to use the sippy cup

Toy of the day = clothes hanger (note all the store bought toys in the background)


Happy 1/2 Birthday Mason Boy! We love you!!

Sea Turtles!

Today Mason, mom and I went to Folly Beach County Park to watch 2 sea turtles (Little Prichard and Murrell) be released back into the ocean. They had been at the turtle hospital at the aquarium for over a year. It was really neat! Afterwards we played at the beach awhile. Here are a few pictures and video of the event!

The sand is yummy! (Patiently waiting for the turtles)
Look at me, I can scoot to the ocean too! Imitating a turtle....LOL!
Little Prichard heading to the ocean
Mason watching Murrell
Playing in the water
Video of Little Prichard entering the water

Video of Mason playing in the water

First Weekend Away

I survived and so did Mason!! This weekend Andy and I went to Atlanta for my friend Dave's wedding and we left Mason home with Grandmama and Poppa (my mom and dad). I think I did pretty good only talking to mom like 3 times on Saturday and 3 times on Sunday. I got to talk to Mason on the phone a few times too! He was GREAT at Grandmama and Poppa's. He played, went for a walk, went to Belk, watched Sesame Street, and played some more. Here are some pics of his adventure...

Ready to go! (how cute is my kid!?!)

Watching Big Bird

Playin' with his toys

Me with the bride and groom!