It snowed in Charleston!!! It was the first time in 10 years we have had snow that stuck to the ground! I think Andy and I were way too excited! After it was all said and done we got about 3 1/2 - 4 inches. Mason wasn't too excited at first, but we also took him out as soon as he woke up. After breakfast he seemed to enjoy it more. We had tickets to go to Hanahan's Snow Bowl so we bundled up and headed over there. Yes, we paid money to go play in the snow, and then it snowed for real. Remember though, no snow in 10 years so I thought if I wanted Mason to see it, I was going to have to pay for it. Oh well. We had a blast either way! Here are some pics and video!

Measuring stick

Mom and Mason Friday night in the snow

Dad and Mason Friday night

Soaking it all in

"Sled" ride

With Daddy and the Rescue snowman


Getting ready to go down the slide

Snow slide at Snow Day!

Making a snow angel :)

1st Dentist Appointment

Today Mason went to the dentist for the first time. They now recommend children to start going to the dentist at 12 months and then go back every six months just like adults. So with a mouth full of teeth and 3 on the way, we headed to a pediatric dentist recommended to us by our pediatrician. The office was awesome! Lots of giant animals, toys in the waiting room and GIANT murals on the walls in the cleaning area. Mason wasn't as impressed as I was :)

Playing with the toys in the waiting room

Hey this is a pretty cool chair!

What are you doing to me?!


See man I can do it myself

Big boy after his first dentist appointment (note the Elmo sticker on his shirt....that was his prize)