Thanksgiving was Mason's last "First" holiday! UNREAL! It was a wonderful day. We went to dinner at my parents for lunch. Uncle Buddy, Aunt Debbie and Nana joined us. We had a little fall photo shoot to get some family shots for our Christmas card. Later we went to Andy's parents for dinner. By the end of the day we were stuffed with yummy food and great times!

I am thankful for many many things...too many to list, but a few important ones are: a wonderful, loving husband; a beautiful, HEALTHY baby boy; and an awesome family!


Rolling in the leaves

"Well you see this is what happened....."

Such a big boy!

Family shots

Happy Thanksgiving!

Children's Museum

Last week, Nancy (Grandma) and I took Mason to the Children's Museum. It's such a cool place. They have like 4 different rooms for imaginative play. Most of the rooms are a little old for him. They did have a baby/toddler room that was just his size and a water room which he loved. He had a great time climbing around and playing in the water.

This week he contracted Hand, Foot and Mouth disease which is apparently a common childhood disease. He had ulcers in his mouth, fever blisters on his face, blisters on his hands, foot and bottom. It was very painful as you can imagine. We are hopefully getting to the end of the virus and he's doing much better.

Here are a few pictures from our week...

Pretending to be daddy

Hi baby Landon...we are gonna be good buds

What can I say, the kid loves to clean!

11 months

Another month has come and gone. At 11 months Mason is:

- Walking EVERYWHERE. He is such a boy! He gets into everything; will work and work until he gets what he wants; takes things apart; plays in the dirt/rocks, etc.

- When he gets something he knows he's not supposed to have he will hide it behind his back and run away......seriously at 11 months this has started!

- He babbles all the time but no official words. To be an official word he must say the word more than once at the correct thing (i.e. say kitty when he sees a kitty or say dada when he sees dada)

He is SUCH a happy baby! He laughs all the time and makes us laugh at him! We are so blessed to have such a healthy and happy baby!

Playing at the Citadel game

Is this not the "I'm doing something I shouldn't be HAHAHA" look or what?!

Hey mom, the floor is dirty...I think you need to sweep

Here kitty kitty kitty!!

The Coastal Carolina Fair

The fair is here! I LOVE the fair; the food, smells, lights, people; it's great! Andy and I were soo excited to take Mason. Aunt Jennifer joined us for the festivities. When we got there we walked around to check everything out.

Ready to go!

I was hoping Mason would get to ride a few rides but you had to be 36" to ride all the kiddie rides and he's only like 30". I was quite disappointed. He did get to ride one ride with me....the carousel.

He LOVED the carousel :)

His first fair ride!

Then we got some dinner. He had a little bit of chicken tender, fries and I brought some pears from home.

Yumm....fair food

After dinner we walked around to look at the rides. He was soo into everything. He looked from side to side at the rides and people. Every now and then he would scream like the people on the rides. It was funny. Then last but not least we went to see the ANIMALS!!! He fed the goats with daddy and got to pet a big cow. He LOVED the cows! He also played with a baby goat. The goat tried to eat the arm of his jacket so he pulled it's ear. HAHA.

Feeding the goats


Overall we had a great time! I can't wait 'til next year :)