Easter 2011

We had a great Easter weekend! Started with dying eggs and a successful, quick photo shoot in the front yard.

Then we went to an Egg Drop (they scatter 20,000 eggs on the field then drop 10,000 eggs from a helicopter). Mason LOVED the drop this year.

Easter morning we discovered what the Easter Bunny brought. Mason cared about nothing but the "CHOCOLATE BUNNY!!".

After church we went to Granny and Granddaddy's for dinner and an egg hunt.

Then we went to Grandmama and Poppa's for more food/candy and egg hunts!

Hope everyone had a great holiday. Happy Easter from the Blanton's!

Still Preggo

We are up to 38 weeks now! I've been having contractions on and off but nothing regular. Mom drove (like a wild woman) down the cobblestone road last week in hopes that we shake the little man out. It worked for Mason so we thought we'd give it a shot.

3 days later Mason was born......here's to hoping Brady comes in 3 days!

Dialation that lasts for weeks!

I always thought active labor was anything after 4cm. Apparently not. At 35.5 weeks I was dialated 3.5cm, but Brady wasn't in the birth canal yet. At 36.5 weeks I was 4.5cm dialated but he was still free floating.

I woke up about 2am with contractions. They were anywhere from 10-30 minutes apart and continued most of the morning. I felt this was it, so I picked up the house some, got a shower and was ready to go. As I left to go to the doctor this morning I was very slow to leave. The bags were packed, carseat in car, presents (for Mason and Brady) were wrapped....but I was sad to leave the house. Sad, scared and anxious at the same time. Sad to think it was the last time I would be a mom to 1. That our perfect little family of 3 was changing. Scared thinking...can I handle 2? And then of course anxious to see Brady. What he will be like, how Mason will be with him and begin the adventures our family of 4 will have.

I get to the doctor and at 37.5 weeks, I am 5cm dialated but Brady STILL isn't in the birth canal. So she sends me home!! Now here I sit on the couch dumbfounded. 5cm was went they sent me to the hospital with Mason and I wasn't even feeling any contractions. Doc says it could be anywhere from 1hr to 10hrs. Wow really? Thanks for the heads up doc!

Pregnancy #2

Everyone says #1 gets way more stuff/attention than #2. I was/am hoping that's not the case with Brady....but then I realize I haven't posted hardly anything about this pregnancy. Partly b/c I don't have time to think between school, soccer and a 2year old. So here is a giant rundown of pregnancy #2..

Found out we were preggo in August.
First 14 weeks were AWFUL! I was sick as a dog. Not physically just very VERY nauseated all the time.
No real cravings except mexican at the beginning
During the 2nd trimester I had severe sciatica for about 4 weeks. Brady was laying sideways on my sciatic nerve and I could barely move. Of course 2 days before the PT appointment I had schedule, he moved :)
So far 3rd trimester I've had heartburn out the ying yang. So much that Mason feeds me my medicine (TUMS) all day long. LOL

My weight gain has been normal (so far about 24lbs) and I tested negative for diabetes too.




Went for my check up last week (35 weeks) and she said I was 3.5cm dilated. To her it seemed like no big deal. She said I could stay like this for weeks. For me....kinda freaked out since 37 weeks in considered full term. Not to mention I'm not on leave yet and don't have the extra time to go on leave now. I am on weekly appts from now on so I'll go back this coming Friday. I'm hoping he decides to stay put until April 14th, when I start my maternity leave from school/soccer.

Mason is SOO excited about "baby Brady". He talks to him, shows him things and tells him to come out. Hopefully this excitment will continue after he's born
This is how we told everyone :)

Helping paint the nursery

So there you have it....8 months in a nutshell. More to write in the coming weeks I'm sure!

Your room is ready and waiting for you Brady James :)