Riverdogs Game

Tonight we took Mason's to his first baseball game! We went to a Sunday game because they start earlier. The first hour Mason sat contently and watch the game and people and noises, then he wanted to play. We walked around and got his picture taken with Charlie and Chelsie the Riverdogs. He wasn't scared of them at all! YAY for a GREAT first baseball game!

I like baseball!

Sitting with daddy

Watching the game

Humm you have a big head

Sittin' with Charlie

Future MLB player??


Just a quick update....school has started back. I am really lucky this year and I get Fridays off. So Mason goes between grandparents M-Th. Occasionally I take him to Mom's day out at church so he can interact with other kids. He seems to like it there! Other than that, we've just been trying to get back into the routine of school! Here are a few pics

Helping Daddy load the dishwasher (well Daddy was loading, Mason was unloading)

Playing with cousin Lilly

The Last Day of Summer and 8 Months Old

Last Friday was my last day of summer so we spent it at the beach! Mason had a BLAST! I really enjoyed having the summer with my little man. I got to see every little change and new development he had. I'm really gonna miss that during the school year. At least I'll have a 3-day weekend every week!

Mason was 8 months old on Monday. 8 MONTHS!! I know can you believe it?! Some new developments include:

- 8 teeth.....yep 4 on the bottom and 4 on the top. Boy did those eye teeth cause
some problems too!!

- He has begun to tell the world what he thinks. He babbles and babbles. No real words yet more of like a bababababbabababa or aaaaaaaaa. We are working hard on mamamamamamama :)

- He is crawling like a mad man and has learned to crawl up stairs.

- He's still cruising around ANYTHING that he can pull up on. He well let go for like a second and be able to stand without falling.

- He loves finger foods, especially yogurt drops, puffs and cheese puffs. He's also started eating what we eat like toast, waffles, cinnamon and sugar pretzel bites, vienna sausages...LOL :)


Me and My Mason!


Great-Grandma's 94th Birthday

Last weekend we celebrated great-grandma's birthday in Gaston. Gaston was the mid point so we all met at Aunt Ora Lee and Uncle Allen's. The food was DELICIOUS and the time spent with family was great! Here are a few pics...

Happy Birthday Great Grandma!

Hangin' with Uncle Brian

The whole family

Great Grandma and all her grandkids and great grand kid