Box Fort and Fire Museum

Last night I made Mason his first box fort. Every kid needs a box fort! I'm sure it's the first of many. I worked for about 1 1/2 hours on this one. Cutting a door, windows and making a roof. Mason and I even colored it. HEHEHE

Soo excited!
Reading the door...Boys Only :)

We took Mason to the Fire Truck museum Saturday morning. Mason did NOT like it. Well he liked it at the beginning...especially the slide, but there was a simulatore that had a smoke alarm that kept going off and he was TERRIFIED. Once that alarm went off the first time (the simulator lasted 8 min) he was DONE! I had to hold him the rest of the time. Andy and I thought it was neat....hopefully Mason will when he's older :)

Climbing like a pro
His favorite part...
Testing the hoses

Summertime Fun

Well it's over.....Summer went by too fast but probably because we were SOO busy! We were on the go at least 4-5 days a week. We went to the park, water park, beach, pool, library, museum, mall, aquarium, mountains, and had tons of play dates!

School started today for teachers and the kids on the 18th. I am excited to still be able to have Fridays off, but sad that I won't be able to be home every day. It's impossible to put everything that happened this summer on one post, so here are a few shots from our busy, exciting summer....

The beach

The pool

Charleston Museum (Toddler Days)

SC Aquarium

NC Mountains

Bee City (petting zoo)

Riverdogs Game

Angel Oak Tree

Play dates (with Henry, Erin and Malia)

184 school days til next summer! :)