First Hotel Stay

These past few weeks have been pretty busy with school and soccer. We are just trying to get into a routine. He is doing MUCH MUCH better. He is so much happier and content. He smiles and laughes all the time. His sleep habits at night are great too! We get between 5 1/2 and 7 hrs of sleep a night! Unfortunatly, my boob won't sleep that long. GRRRRR!!! I have to get up around 3-4am each night to pump. It's sooo full that I can get a full 6oz in like 5 min! I wish I could somehow retrain the boob to fill like that during the day and not the night. All I want is to sleep through the night....something I haven't done in almost 9 months!!!!

I had a soccer tournament this weekend in Columbia. Mom went with me to keep Mason b/c I didn't have enough milk stored up to leave him home for the weekend. Who knew you had to take half your house for ONE NIGHT! Sadly it rained the whole time so he and mom didnt get to come out to the game. He got really fussy last night so we were worried about if he would sleep or not...especially since he hasn't ever slept at night in the pack-n-play. Well he did AWESOME! He slept from 10pm-5:45am! WHOO HOO!

He got to meet Aunt Angela on Friday night at dinner and he got to visit Aunt Oralee and Uncle Allen on the way home. Man what a weekend and it's only Saturday :)

My Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day from our little flirt :)

2 Months and Back to Work

What a tramatic day for the little man. Not only did I have to go back to work Tuesday but he also had his 2-month check-up and shots! Poor baby.

Going back to school was bittersweet. I hated to leave the little guy, but ready to get back into a routine. My plan was to wake at 5:30am give Mason his medicine, get dressed and eat myself....THEN get Mason fed and dressed and be out the door my 6:30am. He had other plans. We woke at 4:20 to eat and didnt go back down til 5:15 so I couldnt go back to sleep, We left at 6:40...awesome, late on the first day!

This acid reflux is about to put me to my wits end. The Prevacid and Zantac together seemed to be working for a few days. He was sleeping well at night (still is) taking a nap or two during the day, not spitting up as much and smiling and being a happy baby all day! stopped. He's still doing well at night and has still have a few times a day when he is happy, content and smiling, but will NOT take naps (or if he does it's like a 1-2hr fight) and has started projectile spit-up again. I mean like we change clothes 3 times in 10 minutes. SOOOOO I talk to the doctor AGAIN about this. This time I asked if we should go to a pediatric gastrointestional doctor. He said he wanted to try one more thing we are on Prevacid 2 times a day and no Zantac. Gotta give it 7 days to work.

At 2 months the little man weighs 11lb 7oz and is 23in long. The doctor is very pleased with this. Says he's right on target.

He likes the doggie...he'll smile and talk to him (when hes feeling good)

Chillin' in his Hugh Hefner robe after bathtime

Photo Shoot

We spent Superbowl Sunday at my mom and dad's. A family friend, came over to watch the game and brought his fancy camera to play around with Mason. Here are some of the pictures. He does AWESOME work and is available for hire to do anything from weddings to sports, babies, etc. Tom Jones Photos 729-3182

At 7 weeks old, Mason is now weighing in at 10lb 13.5oz. I started soccer this week and already am sad to leave the little man. I don't know how Im going to make it next week when I go back to school!


YAY for smiles!!!! Mason is starting to smile more and more now..especially now that he is feeling better. He thinks his mommy is very silly!

I am happy to say Mason's reflux is getting better. He is on Prevacid and Zantac! I hate that he is on so much medicine, but at the same time I can tell he is feeling much better, so it's worth it. He is sleeping better at night and starting to get back into the routine of taking naps during the day. Hopefully we'll get settle into a routine once I go back to work.

This week my last week home. I can't believe how fast time is going. I am definitly NOT ready to go back to work. Don't get me wrong, I love my's just too long. It's going to be a big shock to him because not only and I going back to work, but soccer starts today. So I'll be dropping him off at Nana's in the morning, coming to visit after school, then leaving again for soccer practice. Poor baby is going to go through withdrawls (maybe me more than him). I would rather have a part-time job (like 11-3) where I can still make money, but don't have to be gone so long. Let me know if you know of anything :)

Hey, I know you!

A big smile! (Sorry its blurry)

I like to whistle when I wake up