Carolina Cup

Yesterday we took Mason to his first Carolina Cup horse race. Cup is a fun tradition of food, friends and drinks all while dressing up in your springtime best. Oh and the horse races of course :) Here are a few pics of Mason and the fun!

His "Tom Cruise" look


Watching some kids throw the baseball

Checking out a horse up close!

Catchin' a ride on daddy's shoulders (Hey Dad, you got some dirt in here)

The Blanton's

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day from the littlest leprechaun :)

Mom and Nana took Mason downtown to the parade. He has a blast watching all the kids. He got a little scared at the bagpipers and the firetruck (only b/c the sirens when off RIGHT in front of him).

Why are those dudes wearing skirts?

That night Grandmama cooked corned beef and cabbage. Mason LOVED both of it. Sooo glad he's not a picky eater like his mama!

Spring is here!

Finally, a whole week of beautiful weather! I think spring is on the horizon which is good because Mason was having a rough time staying inside. Last Saturday we spent the day playing in the yard and going to the park. He had a GREAT time!

Playing in the mud

He prefers the stomach slide...he went down this way on purpose every time!

Bouncy Teeter Totter

Tire swing :)

His own climbing wall.....possible future??

Man that's a long way down!

This kid LOVES sticks

Mason @ 15 months

And just for giggles.....After his bath the other night, Andy hadn't let the bath water out yet. We were sitting in the living room with Mason when he walked down the hall. They we heard a "hahahaha splash". This is what we found....

Mommy asks "Mason are you in the bath with your night night clothes on?

1st Hair Cut and Bike Ride!

So first I would like to apologize for not posting very often. Soccer season has started and my time is precious. Very rarely do I get to sit at the computer for more than 3-5 minutes a day.

Mason is growing and growing. He LOVES to explore. He is such a boy! He is very independent at times too which is good. He is into throwing things :( and has decided that he doesn't want to listen.....starting terrible 2s early I think! He makes us laugh all the time! We go next week for his 15 month check up. I can't wait to see how big he is!

A few weeks ago we decided to get his mullet cut. There is a place called "Hair Bears" that exclusively cuts children's hair. So we made an appointment and of course brought the video camera. Mason sat in the chair and got a sucker. He could care less about the hair cut....just the sucker! He did awesome!


Enjoying the sucker



Last weekend we enjoyed the beautiful weather. We decided to attached the bike seat (with help from Poppa) so we could go out for a ride! Mason LOVED the bike ride. It's going to be a fun spring!

Aww mom do I HAVE to wear this?!

All ready to go!

Riding around the cold-a-sac

Poppa wanted to ride