First Day of Preschool!

Ok now I know time has gone too fast! Mason has started preschool!! We have been overly blessed in having both grandmothers keep him instead of having to put him in daycare. I wanted to get him started in some kind of preschool so he'd learn that life doesn't revolve around him, since his world will be turned upside down come May. After hearing lots of good things about Deer Park Baptist's Child Day Out, we chose that! He goes Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9am-12:30pm.

Day 1....we talked it up big time. We washed his bookbag, made a folder for his crafts, he helped me pack. He was excited! He woke up the next morning and ran to get his bookbag, only to be told it was cancelled b/c of the ice.

Day 2 (really Day 1)....Nancy (MIL) took him. Started off great, until she left. He cried. I called to check on him and they said he cried on and off all day. My mom picked him up and he was hysterically crying. I asked him how he liked school. His answer "mama dada waaaaa". LOL That's what he did all day....cry mama, dada, cry. At least he was honest!

Day 3....I took him to school since we were off for a furlough day. I got to meet his teachers and all. They are great! As soon as we walked into the room he grabbed my leg and started crying. We left....although that was hard. When we came back to pick him up he was pefect! She said he cried for a bit then stopped and he was fine the rest of the day!

YAY for my baby growing up.....but boo for my baby growing up! :)