First Popsicle :)

Mason got to enjoy his first popsicle this weekend. He was all about it.....until it started dripping on him. Then he was kinda annoyed, so I had to wrap the bottom in a papertowel. That seemed to suffice. Funny because he LOVES to get dirty.

So excited!


Dont' forget the sides!

Good to the last drop :)

Me and my messy little man!

Spring Break Fun!

Oh how I love Spring Break! A whole week with my Mason man! We definitly took advantage of the BEAUTIFUL 80+ degree weather all week. We had so much fun playing!

The Saturday before Easter, we went to a cookout at Charlestowne Landing w/ some of my Phi Mu sisters. We had a great time catching up! The state has done an awesome job with the renovations!

Monday, we went downtown to the Battery to play. Mason loved climbing on the cannons, running around in the grass and just exploring.

Tuesday we went to the beach with my college roomie, Angela. It was cold and windy so we didn't stay long. After his nap Mason decided to play with the water hose. Who knew THAT would be soo much fun!

Wednesday we went to the park with my friend from college Jaime and her daughter, Malia. It was nice to catch up and for the kids to finally meet! Of course at this age it's more parallel play vs. playing with each other. After the park, we walked over to the giant spray sprinkler thing. Malia LOVED it.....Mason not so much, so he found the mud :)

Thursday and Friday I had soccer practice, so Mason tagged along. He had fun and the girls loved him.

Saturday, I went to the hair dresser so Mason played at home. Then we went to the outlet mall to look around. Typical Saturday :)

Sunday we ventured out again to Palmetto Island County Park for PetFest! There were 100s of dogs which Mason LOVED! After we walked around, we played at the playground some, then headed home .

Whew! What a BUSY week! We had a blast though. Can't wait 'til summer! Only 8 weeks!!!


Easter weekend started on Thursday for Mason. Him and Grandma dyed eggs at her house. Then Friday, he dyed eggs again with me, Grandmama and Nana. He was soo good dying the eggs! He was very interested and worked hard!

Saturday we went to the Charleston Egg Drop at the church across from my school. Basically they have about 20,000 eggs on the ground and drop another 10,000 from a helicopter. Mason was NOT impressed......actually he was TERRIFIED! So terrified that even after the helicopter left I couldn't put him down for about 15 minutes. FAIL for the first Easter egg hunt! I did manage to get a few pics..

Sunday we woke up to find the Easter Bunny had visited us! He brought Mason a BIG Tonka truck! Then we got dressed and headed to church. After church we ate dinner at my parents (Grandmama and Poppa). Uncle Brian, Nana and Aunt Ora Lee and Uncle Allen joined us for dinner. We ate, played and had an easter egg hunt.

Look what the Easter Bunny brought!

Smelling the flowers


I found an egg!

Later that evening we headed over to Andy's parents (Grandma and Granddaddy) for dinner. Aunt Jennifer was there too!

Hunting eggs with Aunt Jennifer